Board Members

The role of the editorial board is to advise and support the editor and contributors.

Editorial Board

    Aside from providing prestige, the role of the editorial board is to advise and support the authors, giving feedback on the papers and making suggestions. Editorial boards provide opinions and encourage authors to submit their best work.

    First, submissions are reviewed by an editorial board to confirm that each project is in accordance with the philosophy of YEGI. The approved papers are then further evaluated for their levels of sophistication in content; this phase of review ensures the fair assessment of all papers. Peer reviewers provide the Editor-in-Chief with recommendations regarding the suitability of the documents for publication; they score the quality of each manuscript on a scale of 1-10.

    • Ensure the selected projects are appropriate for the categories
    • Make unbiased decisions and honest reporting/grading
    • Organize a peer review team
    • Adopt reasonable editorial policies
    • Maintain clear communication with reviewers

    Editors and Officers (Name, Position, School working for or School graduated from)

      Dr. Daniel J. Morrison, Chief Development Officer & Editor-in-Chief, Harvard University

      Dr. Richard Manfready, Chief Development Officer, Harvard University

      Mr. Jeremy Herman, Senior Research Editor, Stanford University

      Ms. Rebecca McCarthy, Chief Development Officer, Columbia University

      Ms. Tessa Palter, Senior Researcher/Primary Editor, Yale University

      Mr. Quentin Vergara, Student Researcher/Secondary Editor, Yale University

      Ms. Ana Capiro, Student Researcher/Secondary Editor, Yale University

      Mr. Charlson Kim, Student Researcher/Secondary Editor, Yale University

      Dr. Thales Usui, Senior Research Editor, University of Washington 

      Dr. Kamran Meyer, Senior Research Editor, UC Irvine

      Dr. Shivane Saith, Managing Editor,  Florida University

      Dr. Paul H. Carr, Senior Research Editor, MIT

      Ms. Pamela Capellan, Assistant Editor, Cornell University

      Mr. Max Tave, Senior Editor, Cornell University

      Mr. Dan Rudolph, Chief Development Officer, Harvard University

      Mr. Robert Klein, Managing Editor, Cornell University

      Ms. Patricia Elfers-Wygand, Chief Development Officer, The City University of New York

      Dr. Shivanie Saith, Managing Editor, Florida University

      Ms. Jie Chen, Chief Development Officer, The City University of New York

      Dr. Mamadou Wade, Chief Development Officer, Howard University

      Dr. Yutian Yang, Senior Research Editor, Rutgers University

      Mr. Joe Hatlak, Senior Research Editor, Rider College

      Mr. Thaalank Ranjan, Secondary Editor, Cornell University

      Mr. Brian Campbell, Senior Research Editor, UC Berkeley

    Associate Editors

    Jack Willinsky, Specialist in Automated Processing of Data

    Christie Goodings, Metadata and Technical Coordination

    Technical Assistants

    Cameron Croon, Information Systems

    Amit Lukin, Web Developer