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2022 Research Competition (RPC/PPC/PPJ) Finalists

June 26, 2022

2022 FINALISTS  - Research Competition (RPC/PPC/PPJ)

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Research Competition (RPC/PPC/PPJ) 2022! 

Listed below are the finalists of the 2022 JYEM/NYSEF-RPC/PPJ. We wish you the best and much success in all your future endeavors as you continue to grow as researchers and innovative scholars.

  JYEM/NYCSEF 2022 Research Competition(RPC/PPC/PPJ) Finalists List

Aarush Mehta   Julia Zou
Aiden Pan   Kaitlyn Cole
Alana Wolfson   Kaydee Bonilla
Alexandra Sim   Keneil Soni
Angelie Acosta   Madhalasa Iyer
Ankit Karnam   Maggie Wu
Arjun Varma   Melissa Louis
Ashley Wei   Mia Frattura
Brian Zhou Liu   Michael Santos
       Chloë Allen-Jackson             Michelle Luo
Dwight Evans Jr.   Nicole Ma
Ethan Chiu   Nicole Spinelli
Ethan Zheng   Rhia Kumar
Frances Lum   Richard Zhuang
Hannah Cho   Sabrina Lee
Helen Yuting Tang   Shira Lichter
Imran Gangat   Sonia Hasko
Isabel Louie   Tiffany Zhang
Isabel Wang   Wonse Wonder Kim
Jacqueline Quinn   Yeon Ho Alex Jung
Jasmine Xinze Li   Yifei You
Jessica Cohen       Yoervin Espinal Francisco   
Julia Revill   Zoe Henderson


JYEM/NYCSEF 2022 Research Competition Finalists List (Division: Work in Progress)

     Abigail Rodriguez             Karsten Spencer     
Ethan Zheng   Michael Santos
Kamar Birthwright    


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