High School Students

This option is for high school students (grades 9 through 12), applying for the JYEM student journal and the YEGI Award for Aspirations in Science, Humanities and Computing. Accepted students and award recipients will be given coveted opportunities (i.e. internships, scholarships, and individualized research projects) facilitated by YEGI advisors.

College Students

This option is for college students who are seeking to gain experience as research assistants, secondary research paper reviewers, student journal participants. To register for the listed positions or apply for the YEGI Collegiate Award, visit https://yegi.org/jyem/get_involved.php. Please use the same login information to submit any documents.

Reviewers and Coordinators

This option is for volunteers, research project reviewers, and staffs willing to review projects, manage programs, and issue awards for Aspirations in JYEM. This includes the YEGI Aspirations in Science, Humanities and Computing Educator Award and the Collegiate Award (both require administrative approval). YEGI welcomes new editorial board members.

First, submissions are reviewed by an editorial board to confirm that each project is in accordance with the philosophy of YEGI. The approved papers are then further evaluated for their levels of sophistication in content; this phase of review ensures the fair assessment of all papers. Peer reviewers provide the Editor-in-Chief with recommendations regarding the suitability of the documents for publication; they score the quality of each manuscript on a scale of 1-10.

The Best of YEGI image, photo, design, drawing Competition is now underway! Each year, YEGI selects the finest images, designs, and drawings submitted in articles throughout the year. We encourage you to present your artwork for a chance to be published in The Best of JYEM of the Year. See the guidelines and submit your work to join the contest! Description: effectively describes the photo, providing sufficient iInformation for readers to understand the figure without being verbose.

Journal of Young Explorers Meta-Upcoming

Featured Paper - YEGI Vol.4

Rebecca Vitenzon, Oxford University (Upcoming)

Gender, labor and race historians have made a strong case for space as a social construct. A Foucauldian framework of analysis of space has allowed historians to reveal histories ...

Featured Paper - YEGI Vol.4

Giselle Hengst, Vanderbilt University (Upcoming)

Racism is one of the important social problems in the United States that must be addressed. Racism and its consequences are well highlighted in popular culture, including movies and ...